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Baby Car Seat or Nursing Cover

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This baby car seat cover, by JLIKA, is the perfect accessory for busy parents who want to keep their little babies shielded from wind, rain, sun and insects while on the go.

When you're a mom that breastfeeds their baby, especially one with lots of errands to run, you don't always have time to find a quiet, secluded place to feed your baby. That means you need a baby cover that gives you full coverage from prying or judgmental eyes. Thanks to the JLIKA nursing cover, you can do that and so much more.

Our versatile covers are made to stretch, pull, and wrap your baby's car seat. You can also use the cover as a nursing cover to allow your infant baby to nurse in private even in the middle of a crowded room. Made of a blend of ultra-soft rayon and spandex, our stretchy baby covers give you the versatility you need to live an active, on-the-go lifestyle of a mom in the 21st century.

Enjoy these great features and more:

· Lightweight, Adjustable and Breathable Fabric

· No Buckles, Straps or Snaps Needed for Adjustment

· Perfect Blend of Soft Fabric

· For Traveling, Breastfeeding and More

· Premium, Discrete Coverage

Protect your baby while keeping them comfortable!