The Just Because Shop, is the brain child of  founders and friends, Sarah Spence and Brandy Martin. 

As struggling single mothers, they experienced first hand the fight against housing insecurity, food scarcity and financial uncertainty.

Inspired by their strong friendship, and Non Profit organizations within North America, they understood the need and wanted to help others in their community. Thus, Just Because was born, the store that gives back.

Just Be Cause, helps to streamline donations to local charities, and their initiatives for supporting  families and children in your community, helping to build a brighter future.

We believe that everybody wants to help and we can do this together. Purchasing from Just Because allows shoppers to give back in the simplest way.

When you purchase from Just Be Cause store, 50% of the proceeds, goes to our partnering charities.

No middle man, No hidden fees or agendas. Just buy the gifts you want to give to friends and family or treat yourself, and help people at the same time, JUST BE CAUSE you can. 

From every purchase you make at the Just Because Shop,

  • 50% of the profit goes directly to our partnering charity. Helping to strengthen communities and support your local families.

Our beautifully curated shop is a collections of quality gifts which can be delivered directly to those you love or straight to your door.  HALF of every purchase goes toward helping less fortunate families and children in your community.  

By streamlining gift giving with charitable donations, your giving a gift within a gift. Rest assured, your money is well spent.  Buying what you needed never felt so good and giving back was never easier.

Take a look at our partnering charities to find information on how your kind donations are helping families in your community.